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Parking spots are a hard thing to find especially when they are the good public street spots.  These are what we help you find, with a convenient mobile app.  We help you find a parking spot by showing you spots that have just opened up. Allowing you to save time, gas, and frustration. Then when your done and ready to leave, release the spot back to the community. Repeating the cycle of helping the next person find a parking spot and keeping your status good for next time!


How It Works

By becoming a spotter you help find parking spots, by helping the community you help yourself too

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View recently released parking spots around colleges and universities


Park and claim your spot. Enjoy the glory you have achieved and remove the spot from others views as it is full


Once you're ready to leave your precious, pass on the good fortune to your fellow spotter. Release your spot, making it rain upon thou community



The Industry-Leading App, Here to Help


I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

We help you find street parking that ideally is free. When leaving you then share this good fortune with the community, continuing the cycle.

How does the app know parking spots are open?

We turn your phone into a parking spot finding dash cam. As you drive to and from the parking spot we identify which cars are most likely to leave soon.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

The main app is about viewing released parking spots near colleges and universities. Claim a spot saying when you plan to leave. When leaving release the spot, alerting the community of an awesome open parking spot.

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We are ready to go! However COVID-19 is an a$$, so we have to wait. Join the wait list now and when school is back we'll be back!!!

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