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New Student SJSU Parking Guide

If you are a new student to San Jose State or a returning student to San Jose State University this guide is to help you find and realize the best parking spots as a new student you may be wondering what the parking is like at San Jose State University from a quick search online we can see via Reddit that it is not a pleasant situation while there are parking passes that are available you can find a link here the problem is there are not enough spots for the number of students that drive to San Jose State University this is because sjsu is a commuter School and located in the downtown or the heart of downtown San Jose San Jose State is also a very large school with over 30,000 students and as most being commuters it ends up being a crazy experience trying to find parking most students will pay for a parking permit because there are quite a few garages and coincidentally lots of spots in those garages however if you show up 10 minutes before class hoping to find a spot there's a chance you will be looking for the next 45 minutes so you need to make sure that you show up at least 30 to 45 minutes before class because yes while sometimes you can pull in and just grab a spot other times you won't get lucky and you'll be circling for a long time.

Parking permits can be obtained from the parking website at sjsu parking permits have a variety of different use cases there are commuter permits permits for people only parking on Mondays only Tuesdays Tuesdays and Wednesdays only there's a whole bunch of kind find the one that fits you correctly and go from there now a great supplemental way to the parking permit is to use spot spotted spot spotted is a is an app that helps you find free parking places around San Jose State University this is a great app to use as a backup if you can't find a spot right away or to even use as a first look as it will alert you to parking spots that are opening up soon around you worst case scenario you can't find a parking spot in the parking garage spot spotted has no opening spots soon and doesn't predict any area to be highly likely to have an open spot you can use another parking app such as appspot which is an app that allows you to pay for parking spots in a in someone's driveway or at a local church or business and that works again as a last pint Resort but personally I don't like to pay for parking I came from LA and while there's a lot of people in the roads you can typically always find parking around you sometimes have to look so having to pay for a spot yes while in a bind its it's very useful but I personally don't like to do it until it's a last resort and even then like I said it's Last Resorts all Circle and circle before I'll pay for a spot especially when College when money is tight

So for new commuters attending sjsu in the summer or the fall my best recommendation is to utilize the different apps out there such a spot spotted to find free street parking or parking spots that turn over quickly due to the meters the other thing is to just show up early don't be lazy and think you have to be at home the whole time show up early go to Gina worst-case go to the library hit the gym for a second and then go to class don't go home and try to try to do that you should just go to the library and study like you're at the school supposed to be studying do that if you leave and come back and give up your spot it's going to be tough to find another one unless you're part of the spots by the community where you know others are leaving and you can in advance be ready to pounce on their spot that's kind of a nice thing about the school is that as people are coming and going on set schedules you can make sure that I'm effectively and increase your odds and chances to finding a free residential parking spot. many students have used the strategy in the past and never actually bought a parking permit and thus never spent money parking at San Jose State University saving them a great deal of money over the four years of their college life while this is difficult it is much easier to do now with spot spotted I hope you have a great time at sjsu go Spartans and may the spots be with you

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